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Fabio Arfinengo

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Biography and musical background

Fabio Arfinengo obtained his degree in classical guitar from the State Conservatory of Music in Turin (Conservatory Guiseppe Verdi), supervised by Frédéric Zigante. He now lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.

Listeners will discover elements of flamenco, rock, electro, and classical music in his compositions. With his music, some of which you find here, Fabio bridges the gaps between different styles and genres. He utilizes classical guitar techniques and a nylon-stringed electric guitar which he combines with electronic sounds.

Having grown up with “Queen” and “Iron Maiden” I discovered the classic guitar during my search for the right guitar teacher. One day, I heard a piece of Johann Sebastian Bach on the guitar and was overwhelmed. I immediately decided to start my musical journey with the classical guitar.

After diving deep into the classical music, I felt, that the means of expression through the classic guitar just were not enough for me. I ventured out in search for a new instrumentation to discover new possibilities. I found the electric guitar combined with nylon strings - this allowed me to merge the classic techniques (fingers instead of plectrum)  with electronic pedals and enlarge my sound atlas.

Curriculum Vitae (in German)

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Liquid Rock by Fabio Arfinengo

Click here to listen to the full album:
Liquid Rock


Poom-cha by Fabio Arfinengo

Watch the official video for one of the latest pieces, called Poom-cha, by Fabio Arfinengo. Video produced by Alpha Charlie Production, directed by Edmondo Annoni, Copyright Fabio Arfinengo, 2018.


About my work


How I teach

My Philosophy: Get to know yourself

This is the key principle for how I teach guitar. Teachers should respect their students; they should help them to get to know what they need while educating them musically. Every student is unique. When teachers account for each individuals’ strengths, wishes, and challenges, their students can grow. This individual appreciation causes my students to be motivated and happier, since I as teacher respect them in their individuality.

Learn multiple styles

Teachers should aim to convey the techniques and knowledge to students that are necessary to enable students to play a variety of different musical pieces. Musical education consists in getting to know various kinds of music (even if just glimpsing at them).

01 Create individual paths

I try to create an individual path with each of my students. It involves that students pick what they play, for example. At the same time, they receive input about pieces they may not know yet from my side. I believe, learning needs Ludus - joy - and that joy creates the best, and most beautiful way to learn new skills. My students play with backing tracks, and I try to inspire them by giving inputs about new pieces whenever they need it.

Learn these skills

What I teach

German 75%
English 75%
Italian 100%
Classic guitar 100%
Effect pedals (EFX) 95%
Ukulele 95%
Electric guitar 90%
Music theory 75%
Garage band 50%
Teaching Languages

What I speak

German 75%
English 75%
Italian 100%

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